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Goldenline Ltd also does research and development to support its exploration, mining, and ore processing activities. We also use technologically advanced instruments, including an atomic emission spectrometer, a spectrophotometer, and an atomic-absorption spectrometer and so many laboratories for example:

  • Mineralogical laboratory studies ores from the deposits to which the company holds licenses to optimize exploration, production, and ore processing.
  • Ore processing laboratory which develops flotation, gravitational enrichment, magnetic separation, concentration, filtration, and other technologies for ore processing.
  • Hydrometallurgy laboratory, which develops complex ore processing technologies and equipment using leaching, absorption, and thermal treatment.
  • Analytical laboratory, which specializes in the valuation of the gold and precious metal content in ores, ore concentrates and ore treatment products, and the development of precise measurements. 
  • In addition, we also do pyrometallurgical processes. This focuses on the development of technologies for thermal ore treatment to minimize the impact on the environment of those operations.


Our principal operations are in Uganda's most prolific gold mining provinces in Kasese, Mpondwe.

Development and Exploration projects

Holding Ugandas largest gold producer and top 10 gold base.