Goldenline mineral logistics limited benefits from its experienced management team with a sound track record and extensive expertise in gold mining and project execution in an opportunity-rich mining region.

Peter Deng

Cheif Executive Offficer

Peter Deng has previously acted and served on boards of many metal extraction companies in Africa.

He holds a Doctorate in mining processing under the University of Science and Technology, Beijing 1983

Peter deng CEO goldenline

Steven Muwanda

Senior President, Strategy and Operations

Steven Muwanda has managed many organisations with assets in the metals, mining and Energy sector.

Steven Muwanda graduated from Chelyabinsk polytechnic institute with a degree in metallurgy.

About us

Goldenline mineral ltd is the  largest gold producer in Uganda and a top 10 gold producer in Africa with one of the lowest cost profiles.

Corporate Governance

Goldenline Mineral Logistics Ltd is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance